Collaborative Law

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Is it important for you to maintain control of your legal matters? Would you prefer to arrive at an acceptable solution with your spouse and/or co-parent as opposed to being forced to comply with a court’s decision?  If so, Collaborative Law may be a good option for you!

In the collaborative process we focus on creating solutions that fit your family’s needs.  Whether it is a parenting plan that fits your schedule, a budget to accommodate two households or the division of assets that is not a “traditional” distribution scheme, the end result is one that is devised by you and your spouse with the help of your respective attorneys.  Counsel are able to continue to provide independent legal advice, yet understand the importance of advocating your interests without creating an adversarial setting.

Most believe that the collaborative process is less disruptive and destructive to the family unit.  If you choose the collaborative process, you both contractually agree that litigation is not an option.  Throughout the collaborative process there will never be a threat of “going to court.”  Often the goal of the collaborative process is to focus on your family’s needs in an effort to preserve the family’s relationships and wealth as best as possible considering the unfortunate set of circumstances.

Although still a relatively new concept in York County, Collaborative Law is regularly practiced in surrounding areas such as Cumberland County, Dauphin County and Maryland. Currently two out of approximately ten attorneys in York County with Collaborative Law training, we are prepared to provide this alternative to you and your spouse and/or co-parent.

Call for a consultation to discuss your situation and see if the Collaborative Law process is a fit for your needs.