Are you and your co-parent unable to agree on an appropriate parenting schedule?

If so, the court is left with the responsibility to determine the “best interests” of your child. Are you wondering what factors the court reviews to determine your child’s best interests?

It is important to be represented by an attorney who is familiar with the custody process and the local conciliators and judges.  Leslie’s prior role as a custody conciliator in York County from April 2013 through March 2015 assisted her in gaining extensive knowledge of the York County custody process.  Amy has been representing clients with complex custody matters since she began practicing several years ago.  The experience both Leslie and Amy possess are essential in assisting their clients faced with addressing custody issues.

Do you want your parenting schedule entered as a court order even if you and your co-parent agree with the arrangement?

Do you want your parenting custody schedule entered as a court order even if you and your co-parent agree with the schedule you follow? We can prepare an agreement (also referred to as a custody stipulation) to include not only your regular physical custody schedule, but also a holiday schedule and many other standard provisions required by the court.  It is suggested that the custody stipulation then be submitted and approved as a Court Order for enforcement purposes.

During your half-hour consultation, we can discuss your specific questions about the custody process or drafting a custody agreement.

Are you a grandparent who hasn’t been able to see your grandchild?

Pennsylvania has passed a law allowing grandparents to pursue their rights to see their grandchildren so long as they meet the requirements of the statute.

If you wish to pursue your rights and determine if you meet the statutory requirements, please schedule a consultation where we can go over the custody process to determine the best way to pursue your rights.