Child Support: Each side often wonders; “How much child support is “right” or “fair”?”  Do you know the appropriate amount of child support? Will your physical custody schedule affect the amount of child support?  Will your health insurance costs be considered? If you are either receiving child support or have learned that you will be obligated to pay child support, schedule a half-hour consultation to review the Pennsylvania child support guidelines and learn how child support is calculated.

Spousal Support:  Did you know that there are three types of support for a spouse? Which type is applicable to your particular case? Are there reasons a spouse would not receive support? What is considered when calculating a support order for a spouse? What expenses are reviewed? We are able to answer questions like these, and many others, you may have in relation to your particular matter during a half-hour consultation.

Modifications: Are you currently unemployed? Will your new employment status affect the support obligation? A change of circumstances is always a perfect time to recalculate the support order to know whether a petition for modification is appropriate.  During your half-hour consultation, we may re-calculate the support amounts based on the information you have to determine whether a modification is necessary and/or desired in your particular case.