• “Thank you for making this whole process a lot less stressful.  I also appreciate your honesty and professionalism.” – CV

  • “I was very happy with your professionalism.  You balanced out a personal connection with getting the job done.” – NT

  • “You were very understanding with my needs.  Thank you for all of your help and support while working on my case.” – CC

  • “I was impressed by how respectful, understanding, and even sympathetic you were. That helped put me at ease.” –NT

  • “You are to the point, don’t waste time or money. I make sure everyone knows who my attorney is! Thank you so much for everything.” – SB

  • “Thank you for helping me through one of the most difficult and challenging transitions of my life.” – NT

  • “I was very pleased with what you have helped me with in the past.” BB

  • “You met my expectations. There were some things I didn’t understand until you took the time to explain them to me. Thank you!” – SP

  • “Thank you for your time and patience with me and for your encouragement, understanding, professionalism and compassion mixed with the right amount of toughness and availability to me when I needed it.” – RJ

  • “Thanks again for all of your help.  This whole process, while still very frustrating, has gone much more smoothly since I began working with you.  I greatly appreciate that.” – SC

  • “You were organized, efficient and professional.” SJ

  • “You are truly a wonderfully helpful and giving person.  I will recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone going through this as you are very on top of things, a wealth of knowledge and extremely articulate.  Thank you!” – TA

  • “Thank you for working in a timely manner to get my matter resolved.” – KB

  • “Divorces are never easy.  You did not get caught up in the drama.  You always had my interest and that of my family in mind when proposing a course of action.  Thank you!” -HM

  • “You made this unpleasant event as simple and quick as it could be.  I trusted you from the beginning and was not disappointed with your work.  Thank you for taking care of me!  You were the most pleasant part of this divorce.  You helped me get this behind me quickly and fairly.  I am forever grateful.” – GP

  • “Thank you for your time, compassion and patience.” – LW

  • “You were polite and courteous to the other party involved.” –SJ

  • “Thanks for taking care of me and my needs so quickly.  You were able to explain things to me on a level I could comprehend.” -BS

  • “I felt like you listened to me and gave me realistic expectations.  Thanks so much for helping me through this difficult time” – MM

  • “You are so good at what you do. I am so grateful to you for doing so much for me and my children.  I have seen many, many family law attorneys.  I can say without a doubt you are the very best.  You keep all parties in mind. Your honesty is much appreciated.” – TA

  • “You have NO idea how much I appreciate you.  You have made me feel very secure through all of this and I am super confident that everything is going to go great.  Thank you so much for caring and doing your job so well!” –KM

  • “This was very difficult for me to go through and you made the process so much easier.” – HD

  • “You always responded to my inquiries extremely quickly.” – ET

  • “Leslie is quite professional and listened to my worries and needs.” – GP

  • “You always provided clear, straight forward explanations making me very confident in your abilities.” -HM

  • “As a client who doesn’t have a lot of money, I appreciated you taking me seriously and keeping the cost down.” – MM

  • “I felt that you understood what I was dealing with. I felt very close to you, which made it easier to feel that I could talk to you about my issues.  I don’t look at you as just my attorney, I also look at you as a dear friend. Thanks again for everything!” – SP

  • “Thank you very much for your help – I appreciate your professionalism and the timely manner things were done in.” –EL

  • “You offered reasonable rates, especially given your level of knowledge (comparable lawyers would have charged me much more!)” -HM

  • “You offer personalized service at affordable costs.” -CK

  • “Exactly what I expected. Professional. Direct. Will recommend to peers.” EJ

  • “I am very satisfied with the services you provided for me. Thank you! I will recommend you to anyone!” – MT

  • “Good mix of understanding and honesty.” – RJ

  • “You helped me calm down by explaining the process and gave me confidence in your ability to make it happen.  Results were always what you predicted.”  – MM

  • “I literally have never known or heard anyone talk about an attorney who is more responsive (plus competent and professional) than you” – WM

  • “Very prompt and efficient” – TM

  • “Thank you for taking the time to work with my custody situation.  My family and I were very pleased.” –RV

  • “I believe you’ve succeeded in negotiating a more civil discourse between us.” – VD

  • “I have already referred two clients to see Leslie, they have seen her and are so happy.” KA

  • “You have served me well and I intend to keep using your services as the needs arise.” QT

  • “Response time was great, patience was excellent.” – RJ

  • “After hearing horror stories from others with regard to their divorce experiences, Leslie exceeded all expectations.” – RJ

  • “Everything was explained clearly and in a way I completely understood.” -ET

  • “Your rates are quite reasonable!” – GP

  • “You were very knowledgeable and professional.” HM

  • “Very quick responses that were respectful and thoughtful.” – GP

  • “I will not hesitate to contact you if I EVER ‘need’ legal guidance/assistance.  You are ‘GOOD PEOPLE’ Leslie!” –MJ

  • “You got back to me quickly with any questions I raised.” -MM

  • “I was happy! Thanks and good luck with growing your practice.” –MR

  • “You clearly communicated my options again and again.” – RJ

  • “I appreciated that you returned my calls in a timely manner.” – ZK

  • “I never felt overcharged or underrepresented” – ET

  • “This was the first time I needed a lawyer and you did a terrific job.  I will always recommend you to anyone needing assistance.” – WC

  • “I could always count on your return calls, emails and knowing when you were not available.  You go above and beyond!” – CK

  • “You were always able to tell me what to expect before every conference and you were extremely accurate each time.  You gained my trust immediately.” – ET

  • “From the beginning it was clear to me that you were caring and ethical and would not do anything deemed unfair or unethical.” –HM


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